Smell the cabbage

I can’t stop thinking about the sauerkraut. I’ll give you the scene. A young woman in her Toronto apartment. Some workers arrive to fix the plumbing downstairs, and one comes up to turn on the water. Our heroine is wary: her pantry contains a crock of “out-of-control” sauerkraut. Once the plumber is back downstairs, sheContinue reading “Smell the cabbage”

Prescription: one fine passage a day

‘Henrietta was a literary woman, and the great advantage of being a literary woman was that you could go everywhere and do everything’ Years ago, when I was young and snooty and resentful of obligatory social engagements, I attended a work party with my then-boyfriend (his work, not mine). I found myself sipping wine inContinue reading “Prescription: one fine passage a day”