The Grand Confusion

Saturday, November 24, 2018 By Anita Lahey Normally, these are chronicles from the Churchmouse After Hours Coffeehouse. I have woefully failed to share chronicles over the past couple of months. And so, I give you snippets… In September we delved into School Days, which could sound like a trip into nostalgia but, as per theContinue reading “The Grand Confusion”

‘And the moon went with him’

Maurice Sendak is one of many children’s authors who cite Crocket Johnson’s Harold and the Purple Crayon as an inspiration and influence. When Harold turned 50 in 2005, NPR invited Sendak to reflect on the delightful classic, in which a young boy builds his own story, scene by scene, using a fat crayon. Sendak saidContinue reading “‘And the moon went with him’”