Is a stair any place to belong?

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milne stair

Published by Anita Lahey

I am a journalist, poet, series editor for the Best Canadian Poetry anthology, and a former editor of Arc Poetry Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Is a stair any place to belong?

  1. Dear Anita,
    I love these posts from the world of shared reading, and always find a connection, in this case my having also read and loved Isabel Huggans’s Belonging and living in a house with a turn in the stair that my grandsons like to perch on. Every time I see them there, I find myself reciting Milne’s poem.
    Hope you are feeling at home in Victoria. We remember our sabbatical year there with great fondness.

  2. Excellent essay, Anita. Belonging is a theme close to my own heart. I’m going to look out for Isabel Huggan’s book. Thanks for writing this–and now I especially want to know about the orcas!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for this note & response. I am gradually feeling at home in Victoria – but I also miss my other “home”—or, rather, “homes”. You can see why ‘Belonging’ was a resonant theme for me just now… I hope all is going very well with all of you.

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