Its Place Among the Elements

The latest from Churchmouse After Hours, in which we meet ‘Endings and Beginnings.’

Image: Halley’s Comet, June 6, 1910. The Yerkes Observatory. Public domain.

Published by Anita Lahey

I am a journalist, poet, series editor for the Best Canadian Poetry anthology, and a former editor of Arc Poetry Magazine.

One thought on “Its Place Among the Elements

  1. Anita, I love these “Churchmouse” postings and am always amazed at people’s creativity at choosing poems & stories to suit the theme. Always surprising and apt. Makes me wish I could drop in, or that something like this was happening in TO.

    Sounds like you are having a great time in Victoria, Anita. I sincerely hope so — and that your own writing projects are simmering. How’s Henry doing? And your father?

    The Inconvenients is/are still meeting and going strong and I guess you heard we had a group reading in the new poetry bookstore in Kensington, knife fork book, which was a ton of fun.

    And I have not stopped saying WOW to myself since yesterday when I heard from Heather Wood that my poem, “The Last Cigarette” is going to be in The Best of the Best next year. Again: WOW! What an honour.

    Keep well,



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