‘A happy love. Is it normal?’

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[‘A Woman’s Work’ (1912) by John French Sloane (1871-1951). Cleveland Museum of Art. Source]


The latest from Churchmouse After Hours…

Churchmouse After Hours in Love

Published by Anita Lahey

I am a journalist, poet, series editor for the Best Canadian Poetry anthology, and a former editor of Arc Poetry Magazine.

7 thoughts on “‘A happy love. Is it normal?’

  1. Loved this chapter of the Churchmouse, Anita. And so glad to have Tanis MacDonald’s poem rememberd for me!

    Hope all is well with you-?


    1. Hi Maureen. Thanks for reading about Churchmouse. It’s nice to have a few friendly long-distance “participants”. All is well, yes indeed. I still miss “home” but am, as you can see, doing my best to get my feet on the ground here. I hope all is well with you (& the rest of the Inconvenients!).

  2. The poem by Tanis McDonald arrowed straight to my heart.
    As you describe your After Hours, I am awed by the respectful generosity of the listeners and readers. I don’t think I’ll get to Victoria this year, but when I do, I hope to time a visit to sit among your lovely group.

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