Bowen, the blitz and the twists and turns of the human heart



This is the sort of piece I would normally post here. The good folks at The Puritan have given me room in their winter issue to parse my love of Elizabeth Bowen’s writing in their vital, energetic magazine.

Published by Anita Lahey

I am a journalist, poet, series editor for the Best Canadian Poetry anthology, and a former editor of Arc Poetry Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Bowen, the blitz and the twists and turns of the human heart

  1. This is beautifully written, Anita. Your grasp of language and route to the visual are stunning.

    Thank you.


  2. Thanks for reading, both of you! Alice, I should credit you with how was thinking about Bowen with regards to her “explaining” things. I have had in my mind for years now a conversation we had about editors always wanting to take the explanation out. And now I’m tuned to where I notice & appreciate it.

  3. ps Actually, I’d meant to write: thank you for reminding me so gracefully and with such urgency–but I was trying to get to my shelves to see what Bowen I have. What you’ve written is succinct and beautiful and does Bowen justice. Brava! And yes, that conversation about the measure of exposition some of us still feel we need despite current tastes to strip it all away…

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